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Instructional Materials Public Access

The Columbia County School District is currently in the process of adopting new Instructional Materials for the following subjects in Mathematics:

Required Courses

·         Grade K Math

·         Grade 1 Math

·         Grade 2 Math

·         Grade 3 Math

·         Grade 4 Math

·         Grade 5 Math

·         M/J Math 1 (Grade 6)

·         M/J Math 1 (Grade 6 Advanced)

·         M/J Math 2 (Grade 7)

·         M/J Math 2 (Grade 7 Advanced)

·         M/J Math 3 (Grade 8 Pre-Algebra)

·         Algebra I

·         Algebra I Honors

·         Geometry

·         Geometry Honors

·         Liberal Arts Math 1 and 2

·         Math for College Readiness


Elective Courses

·         Algebra II

·         Algebra II Honors

·         Pre-Calculus Honors

·         Advanced Placement Calculus AB/BC


If you would like to access the student editions of the subjects shown above, please click the link below for the grade band you are interested in to view a spreadsheet containing links to the publishers that our district is considering.  

Updated: 1/5/2019
Please follow the links below to see the texts that have been voted for selection by teachers within the Columbia County School District.  All selected Instructional Materials (IM) have been highlighted and show in bold text.  

  • Public Meeting regarding the selected IM will be held on January 8th during the regularly scheduled CCSD Board Meeting.  
  • Public Hearing regarding the adoption of IM, and voting to approve the same will be held on January 22nd during the regularly scheduled CCSD Board Meeting.
  • The 30 Day Window of Protest will last from January 22 until February 21st.  All protests must be submitted the Superintendent's Office by February 21st using CCSD Form 1531.  

If you have any questions, please call Hope Jernigan at 386-755-8000 or via email at 

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