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District  Meal Prices: Free breakfast and lunch served to all students. Adults: Breakfast $1.75, Lunch $3.35                                                         


· Be a “whole grain rich” grain product; or

· Have a fruit, vegetable, dairy product or  protein as the first ingredient; or

· Be a combination food that contains at least 1/4 cup of fruit and/or vegetable; or

· Contain 10% of the daily value of one of the nutrients of public health concern in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans            (calcium, potassium, Vitamin D, or dietary fibers)

*On July 1, 2016, foods may not qualify using the 10% DV criteria.


 · Calorie Limits: Snack Items-less than 200 calories or less, Entree Items 350 calories or less

· Sodium Limits: Snack Items 200 mg.    or less  Entrée Items 480 mg. or less

· Fat Limits: Total Fat no more than 35% of calories,

· Saturated Fat: no more than 10% of calories, Zero Grams of Trans Fat

· Sugar Limits: No more than 35% of weight from total sugars in food

**On July 1, 2016, snack items must contain 200 mg or less of sodium per item.


Healthier beverage options during the school day. 


· Plain water, unflavored low-fat milk, flavored and & unflavored non-fat milk, and 100% fruit/vegetable juices with no added sweeteners.

· Elementary schools may sell 8 oz or smaller sizes of milk and juice. While Middle and High schools may sell 12 oz or less portions of milk & juice.

· Senior High schools can sell lower calorie beverages 12 oz or less portions and up to 20 oz portion for calorie free beverages.

To find the standards online, go to and search by the docket number, which is FNS-2011-0019, or you may type the name of the rule "nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in School."

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