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CCSD Surplus

Welcome to the CCSD Surplus

This webpage is designed to help you find furniture items for your classroom or office, and to guide you through the process of requesting these items.  This is only for Columbia County School District Employees for use on Columbia County School District properties.

Do you see something you like?  

Please fill out the CCSD 1869 Form and submit to your administrator for signature then send to the Purchasing Department for approval.  You will receive an email when your delivery is approved and scheduled.

If you have read the guidelines and have additional questions contact Heather Trice at or call (386) 755-8070 for assistance.

Magazine/Book Rack-Item#5

Diameter = 34"

Height = 40.5"

Round Table-Item#1

Diameter = 48"

Height = 30" (adjustable)

Round Table-Item#2

Diameter = 47.5"

Height = 26.5"  (adjustable)

Student Chairs-Item#4

Seat Width = 13.5"

Seat Depth = 12.5"

Seat Height = 13.5"

84 Chairs Available

ADA Compliance Errors 0