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Fort White Town Hall Meeting July 12
The Steering Committee met with the Fort White Community to discuss their thoughts around the selection of Goals and Indicators for the Strategic Plan.
Steering Committee Meeting #4 July 11
The Steering Committee used the information from the Community Survey and developed some draft goals. After getting further input from the community at the two Town Hall Meetings, the goals will be revised and indicators will be added that will help measure progress toward meeting the goals.
Steering Committee Meeting 3
The committee began working on areas of focus and draft goals. We used this information to develop a survey for all stakeholders in Columbia County to use so that we have everyone's input. Please take our survey by clicking on the link below. The survey will stay open until July 9, 2016
Steering Committee Meeting #2
On June 7, 2016 the Steering Committee met for their second meeting. At this meeting the group determined the focus areas for the Strategic Plan. Along with those focus areas, the group listed their thought regarding why those areas are important for the Columbia County School District to focus on.
  • Steering Committee Meeting 1
    The Columbia County Strategic Planning Committee met for the first time on May 31, 2016 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. During the initial meeting the Steering Committee members were provided with an overview of the Strategic Planning Process and were afforded the opportunity to delve into a variety of data that provided the current state of the district as well as historic trend information.
    A notebook was provided to each of the Steering Committee members that contained data under 5 specific areas: Census & Demographics, District Achievement Data, School Achievement Data, Finance, and Professional Capacity.
    The Steering Committee divided up into 4 groups and examined census data for the county and school district utilizing an “I notice, I wonder” protocol. Of particular interest were the following:

    • I notice: The census data reports that 85% of citizens 25 years or older have a high school diploma.
    • I wonder: Why the district graduation rate for the same year is much lower.
    • I notice: The census data reports that over 100 Columbia County School district employees are scheduled to retire.
    • I wonder: How we are going to replace these employees.
    • I notice: The census data reports that the student attendance rate in Columbia County is 93% and the teacher attendance rate is 94%.
    • I wonder: How Columbia County School District’s student and teacher attendance rate compare to other districts in Florida with similar demographics
    • I notice: The census data reports that the population of Columbia County has grown steadily over the last 30 year, however the workforce has decreased.
    • I wonder: What factors impact the number of people entering or leaving the workforce.

    Each of the groups then devised a plan for delving into specific sections of the notebook and presenting out findings at the next meeting which will be held on June 7, 2016.
  • The Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee is made up of stakeholders from both the school district and the community at large. They represent you!
  • Collaborative Work
    Collaborative Work
    The Steering Committee members volunteer their own time to work on the Columbia County Strategic Plan! We thank them for their hard work and dedication!
Focus Area Work
1. Finance
(Everything pertaining to district and school budgets)

• Budget-programs; entire system
• 3.93 in reserve (3.64) we are up
• How to budget for additional programs (STEM/CTE)
• This is key
• Funds for technology and support
• Grants
• More money for teachers=
Retention = Achievement
• Build sustainability
• Focus on instruction for student learning

2. Curriculum and Instruction
(What is taught, how it is taught, and how it is assessed)

• Differentiation
• One size will not fit all
• Individualization needed tailored to students’ needs
• High expectations for all
• CTE magnet programs
• Data driven
• Impact of FVA, CVA, Edgenuity on learning and achievement?
• Technology resources to meet the expectations of new standards
• Monitoring of assessments
• Assess for a purpose

3. Community and Family Engagement
(How the district partners with parents and community members)

• Increase engagement at secondary levels
• Parent-Teacher conferences 2x a year (in gym)
• Go to the community; not just expect them to come to you
• Flex schedules and times convenient for activities to accommodate working parents
• Involve the entire community in the education of all students
• Activities and events designed for students and parents together
• Ways to increase turn-out to planned events
• Consider location of events

4.Safe & Supportive Environment
(The factors that impact and the manner in which the district supports, the physical, emotional, social development and welfare of students and staff.)

• Provide and maintain the safety and security of all schools and facilities
• Support for every student
• Trickle down effect:
o Support for administrators (especially new)
o Support for teachers (new/beginning and those needing improvement)
o Support for students and parents
• New teacher induction program (with mentors/revised)
• Build relationships
o Some subgroups still left out
o Go to the community
• Sustainability-keep supports in place
• Review data frequently to intervene early (attendance/discipline)
• Subgroups may need additional supports

5. Professional Capacity
(How the district attracts, develops, evaluates and retains high quality staff)

• Evaluation tools reviewed and revised/condensed
• Support teacher leaders and initiatives that increase teacher effectiveness
• Reduce subjectivity in evaluation tools
• Consistent evaluation tools
• Mentoring new teachers
• Joint learning opportunities
• Formal professional development with ongoing support
• Partner with local colleges and universities to increase internships
• Career Fairs
• Actively recruit teachers
• Provide training and support to retain teachers
• Recruit and retain minority and male teachers