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Phone Links

19 days ago

By Cindy Forsyth

Speed Dial

Click here to login and change your speed dial settings on your phone

Voice Mail

Click here to login to your voicemail inbox or to change your pin

Other Links

Headset Information

Setting up your Speed Dial - Directions

Want to check your voice messages while you are away from your phone?  Call 1-386-319-7222

Phone Labels Template

Setting Up Voicemail on teacher phones

  1. Pick up phone

  2. Dial 8900

  3. It will ask for your password- type in 1234

  4. Then follow the instructions- it will have you say your name and pick a new pin so you can check your messages.

Install Office @ Home- CCSD Employees
1. Login to Office 365 at
2. Use your ******* email address and password
3. Once logged in click the "Install Software" button in the top right corner. The software will download and follow the prompts from there.
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