Entrance Requirements

Physical Exam Requirements

A physical exam performed within one year prior to school enrtry is required by Florida Statutes for students entering a Florida public school. Kindergarten students entering Columbia County Schools are required to present a physical exam prior to enrollment in school. Students transferring from another school may be given up to 30 school days to present a physical exam. In the absence of a physical exam, a medical appointment slip from a licensed physician signifying that the child will have the physical exam within thirty school days should be presented to the school. A child may then be allowed to register and enter school. If the parent/guardian of the child fails to present evidence of a medical examination within thirty days, the student will be excluded from school until such documentation is presented to the school nurse.

Immunization Requirements

A child entering the school district of Columbia County for the first time must present one of the four following certificates: Certificate of current immunizations (DOH-680/blue card) for the appropriate grade level. Certificate of religious exemption (DOH-681/blue card) Certificate of medical exemption (DOH-680/blue card) A temporary exemption, not to exceed 30 days issued by an authorized school official to permit a transfer student to attend classes until his records can be obtained. At the end of the 30 day exemption, if the parent fails to present a proper immunization certificate, the principal will exclude the student until proper documentation of the immunization is presented to the school nurse. Athletic Physical Exam Requirement

Forida Statute requires that all students participating in interscholastic athletic competition pass a medical exam each year prior to engaging in any practice, tryout, or physical activity.