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Guidelines for Home Education Programs

over 2 years ago

Guidelines for Home Education Programs

Your Six Responsibilities:

1.    Send a notice of intent to your school district superintendent or come to the Home 
        Education office and fill out a Home Education Registration Form.

        Your notice of intent must include each of the following:

        a.    Name of each child (6-18 years of age) 
        b.    Birth date & Grade of each child 
        c.    Address & Phone Number 
        d.    Parent's signature

            (The notice must be filed in the district superintendent's office within 30 days 
            after you begin your home education program.  It is wise to do this immediately 
            after the establishment of your program, however, to avoid truancy allegations. 
             If you wish you may send it in prior to the time  you begin to home educate.  You 
             may send your notice certified mail, return receipt requested to prove that it reached 
             its destination or you may register at the school board office.  Your district home 
             education office will have the proper form for you to submit each year)

2.        Maintain a portfolio of records

            Your portfolio must contain two main parts:

            a.    Your documented records, "a log, made contemporaneously 
                    with the instruction, which designates by title reading materials 

            b.    Your dated sample materials, "samples of any writings, worksheets, 
                    workbooks, and creative materials used or developed by the student."

            c.    Keep a separate portfolio of each of the following subject areas:

                    Language Arts 
                    Social Studies 

            d.     Keep a list of the titles of authors of all books used.

3.        Make your portfolio available for inspection by the superintendent upon a 15-day 
            written notice.

               Under the Florida law you are required to make your portfolio "available for inspection 
               by the superintendent or his agent, upon 15 days' written notice."  The superintendent 
               does not have to have a reason but he does have to provide the 15-day written notice.

4.        Submit an annual evaluation for each child to the school district superintendent.

          Evaluations are due in the District Office at the end of each year.  An acceptable 
           evaluation consists of one of the following:

                a.    A teacher selected by the parent shall evaluate the student's educational 
                        progress.  The teacher shall hold a VALID REGULAR FLORIDA 
                        CERTIFICATE to teach academic subjects at the elementary or 
                        secondary level.  The teacher shall submit a written evaluation to the 
                        school superintendent.

                b.    The student shall take a nationally normed student achievement test 
                        administered by a FLORIDA CERTIFIED teacher.

                c.    Florida State Assessments (FSA).  The student must register through the Home                                      Education department to participate in testing.

                d.    Transcript from Florida Virtual School (FLVS).             

5.        Preserve your child's portfolio for two years.

6.        A Notification of Termination form shall be filed if the program is being terminated 
            for any reason, e.g., moving from district, returning to public school, enrolling in 
            a private school, or upon completion of program.

          NO diploma from the District School Board of Columbia County can be issued 
          for a student in the home education program.


For More Information Contact: 
Belinda Austin

(386) 758-4935

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