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What Is Exceptional Student Education for Children with Disabilities?
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Lake City Medical Center Project SEARCH               Transition Program

4 months ago

Applications need to be turned in by April 17, 2020 to Pam Hill, Janell Warfel, April Vinson (CHS), or Lauri Thomas (FWHS).

Project Search 2019 - 2020 Graduation 
Thursday, May 14, 2020
Lake City Medical Center

Click Below for Application

Questions Contact:  
Pam Hill  
Telephone: (386) 755-8049

Skills Assessment & Interview Day

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Time:  8:30-1:30                       Location::                                   Lake City Medical Center         

340 NW Commerce Dr             

Lake City, FL 32055

Mandatory for all Candidates

Pre-Employment Training

June 8th - 11th, 2020

Time:  8:00-3:30                      Location: CCSD Adult Education Bldg.  444 West Duval Street            

Lake City, FL  32055

Bring Bagged Lunch

Mandatory for all Candidates

Open House

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Time:  6 - 9 PM

Location:                                   Lake City Medical Center         

340 NW Commerce Dr             

Lake City, FL 32055

Mandatory for all Candidates

Program Start Date

August 10, 2020

Project Search Parent Night

Project CATCh

over 3 years ago

Columbia Acting Together For Children

Project CATCh takes referrals for counseling services from all Columbia County’s schools Pre-K thru high school.

Referrals can cover a wide range of issues including behavior problems, depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, and family concerns.

Project CATCh refers to community counseling agencies.  After meeting with parents or guardians, referrals are made based on needs, insurance status and convenience.

Judy Tatem, M.Ed.

Parenting Teacher & Project Cares  


386-755-8191 FAX

Donna Lee



386-755-8191 FAX

Lorraine Zeller

Case Manager


386-755-8191 FAX

Mental Health Providers

Department of Clinical and Health Psy. University of Florida

Brenda Wiens, Ph.D


Haile Market Therapy & Behavioral Medicine

Garret Evans, Psy. D.,LLC



Myriah Brady, LCSW

352-374-5600 x 8072

Resolution Health Alliance  

Meredith Evans


CDS Family and Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

Stephanie Douglas, MA, LMHC

     386-487-0196 x 3505

Haven Hospice

Marissa McGehe


352-692-5198 fax

Hospice of Nature Coast

 Joy Dias (Lake City)


386-755-7726 fac 

Sarah Masse (High Springs)



386-454-1358 fax

Cares Counselors

Holly Casey

Janet Kuykendall, LMHC
Lindsey Morton, LMHC
Jackie Serrano
DeCarlos Scippio

University of Florida Evaluator

Dr. Brenda Wiens, Ph.D.

Teen Parenting Program (TAP)

Teen Parent Programs are voluntary programs designed to provide comprehensive and ancillary services to facilitate the completion of coursework necessary to earn a high school diploma.  Program components include a specialized curriculum, parenting education, and the following ancillary services:  childcare, health services, social services and transportation.

Elementary School Counseling Grant

This grant enables schools to develop promising and innovative approaches for initiating or expanding counseling programs in all of Columbia County’s elementary schools.  The three year project will contribute to the personal growth, educational development and the social-emotional well- being of students served at this critical time in their lives.

CARD UF Support Group

Transition Services

over 2 years ago

star - Summer youth program

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Pre-Employment Transition Services must be offered to students with disabilities without requiring them to apply for, or be determined eligible for, these services.

WIOA established VR as the primary agency for preparing youth with disabilities for employment while the youth are still in high school or attending post secondary school (trade, college, or university). VR will deliver specific Pre-Employment Transition Services including:

  • Career Exploration Counseling
  • Work Readiness Training
  • Community-Based Work Experiences
  • Self-Advocacy

The students are not traditional VR customers, but have been referred to VR by school districts for limited (pre-employment) services.

Career Exploration Counseling

Includes skills, abilities, aptitudes, interest assessments and post-secondary options.

Work Readiness Training

Allows students to write a resume, interview properly, search and apply for jobs online, find and complete job applications, manage employer contacts, handle conflict, navigate public transportation and review employee benefits, if needed.

Community-Based Work Experiences

Allows students to apply and practice soft social skills, gain an idea of work, develop work skills, building relationship leading to job references and identify work accommodations.

Self-Advocacy Training

Students will leave the Self-Advocacy Training with meaningful and relevant tools that can be used as they transition. A Self-Awareness Portfolio will provide students an opportunity to highlight their strengths and skills while identifying reasonable accommodations necessary for success. A Professional Portfolio, which builds on the Self-Awareness Portfolio, allows students to document their skills and abilities through evidence and letters of recommendations.

How Do I Sign Up For STAR?

Complete Application and Send to Transition Specialist by April 1st.

McKay Letters